About Yannis


King's, Emir's, President's, Prime Minister's, CEO's, Director's, Designer's, Actor's, Artist's, Performer's, Sports Champion's, and over 3.4 Billion people have been captivated by his productions & called them; Amazing, Spectacular, World Class, Breathtaking, Sensational, Phenomenal & so much more......

Yannis Michalandos is an Award Winning Creative Genius who is considered one of the world's best show creators & directors. The entertainment production began when he created Jumpzone Productions to begin directing to support his top rating radio program to do summertime events on the Greek Island of Rhodes, the company developed into an Event Management company doing concerts, record launches & Singles Island Parties in Australia, Italia & Greece, before finally in 2001, he founded Jumpzone Productions Ges.mbH in Austria.

In 2003, Yannis decided to focus on Show Production. Since then Yannis has conceived, created & produced most of the biggest events on the planet from Live TV, City Showcases, Major Sporting Events, Cultural Festivals, Fashion Parades, Music Video’s & much more, in more than 50 countries on the planet, with amazing reviews & standing ovations. Yannis is the creative force behind the company, & over the years he has experienced life to the fullest, which gives him the drive to make his dreams a reality.

This 37 year old Greek Australian born & raised in Sydney & speaks 7 languages is a creative genius who has called the World his home over the last 20 years, however it has been the last 10 years that has seen the creative magic flow & be focused.

When asked the key to his inspiration & creativeness; "well, a lot to do with my childhood, creative, eccentric surrounds from my mum mixed with the calm, creative & detailed intelligence of my dad, lots of traveling & cultural appreciation....basically the key is opening your eyes & really taking in the world...." I find inspiration from nearly every direction I look, I also make sure that I understand performance intimately, this means trying everything from Russian Swing to Vertical Wall runs, I may be terrible doing it but at least I can then understand... my dad has taught me to look at things & understand how they work, finding the logic in it, while my mum taught me anything is possible, just imagine it, it's that careful balance that is key. I spent many years being just creative & the results were never getting paid....my wife has also helped to keep my feet on the ground in business.....

Another key to success is never being satisfied with my work, even after standing ovations, great accolades, I am never really satisfied. After I create a show, if I will see it then I will find many things to change or improve doesn't matter how perfect it may be.....strangely, I love simplicity in many elements that I produce.....the creative mind is a gift & a curse at the same time. Trying to turn off is almost impossible but I find my ways....

In 2016, Yannis was Awarded "The Best Entertainment Production" for The Middle East Event Awards for the Qatar Exxonmobil Open Closing Ceremony.

When asked what's my greatest show, that's easy the next one.....don't get me wrong I am proud of what I have done & achieved....but here's to the future.

Awards & Nominations

2014 - Shortlisted for Best Entertainment Production - Kuwait Mini World Futsal Club Tournament 2014

2016 - Winner of Best Entertainment Production - Qatar Exxonmobil Open 2016 Closing Ceremony

2016 - Shortlisted for Best Event Design - Kuwait Operetta 2015