Aspire Academy - Doha, Qatar | 02. November 2005

  • Director: Yannis Michalandos
  • Client: Capacity World/Aspire Sports Academy

The Official Opening of the Aspire Sports Academy in 2005 took the form of a Giant Musical Production produced by Capacity World under the Patronage of HH The Emir Sheikh Hammad Bin Khalifa Al Thani. We originally were requested to direct & operate the Aerial System where they wished to fly 35 performers but did not want to implement an Automated Flying System and its associated budget. We arrived in Qatar & began installing all manner of Aerial Systems, after a few short days we increased our roles to Stage Managers, Rigging & Safety Directors & Performance Directors with a team of Performers & Crew of 57 people....this turned out to be the first taste of the magical little Country that we consider now as our home......