Yannis has resourced, developed & discovered Talent over the years in all area's of Entertainment, from Models, Actors, Dancers, Celebrities, Sports People, Singers, Musicians & much more, and across all genres.....the Unique relationship that we have with the Talent, Management & Agents allow us to access anyone on the planet. We develop artists in our various academies & act as Talent Scouts for the industry. Therefore we have now developed our unique PREMIERE TALENT booking website - www.premieretalent.eu

 “Talent is something that stands out above the mundane….” 



In all elements of our work, we consider our artists more than just performers, the artists must have a powerful stage presence and thus is an actor, beyond this format we utilize Actors for all matter of entertainment. From performing in our tours, or as part of our unique Gala events. An actor is the soul of the production bringing life into a performance. Our actors play the part that we create.

Broadway Musical, Stage, Screen, Contemporary and Creative Actors available for all manner of  performance, from all levels of notoriety such as Hollywood Stars to Broadway and TV to State Theatre and aspiring talents. Access once again through our extensive networks.


"Set your mind free, explore your innerself...."



Yannis’s Cirque Management is divided into the elements of nature: Aqua, Aeole, Terra, Fuoco and Unique. These elements are a simple way to attempt to categorize the multitude of cirque performance acts and artists, so many elements defy these guidelines and thus categorized as Unique.

Premiere Talent is considered the largest cirque management company in the world due to our relationship with artists and agencies, this is due in part to our creative reputation and to the fact that we are also one of the most productive. When Soleil & Dragone search for new acts or artists they actually contact us, knowing the range and originality of acts we have.

One of the most Productive..... Our ability to develop talent through our World Class Cirque Academies allow us to access the future of talent.

"Cirque is an amazing & powerful reflection of modern art...."



Yannis's movements in the World, allow us to meet & work with amazing people, whoinspire & take our breathe away. In a unique relationship where we work together with these heroes, idols & celebrities. 

Our unique position where we work with the Mandela Foundation allows us additional access to Ambassadors for whom we utilize to challenge our clients to make a difference through charity.

On another level we have direct access to celebrities as Guests of Honour, Spokespeople, Product Campaigns, TV Commercials, Endorsements & more. Our interest with Celebrities aims to provide the client with more than just a recognizeable face.


"If in life you make a difference to just One person, you have  succeeded for Humanity......."



Our Cultural Performers embrace the 7 continents of the world, rich flavors, colours & sounds, proving that the world can move to one rhythm. From Aboriginal Performers of Australia to New Zealand Moari Performers to Polynesian Hula Dancers to Brazilian Samba or Spanish Flamenco, from Cuban Salsa to American Indian, from Greek Zorba to German Omp pahpah, from African Gum Boot to Scottish Pipes, from Turkish Fires of Anatolia to Lebanese Dabkeh, from Emirati Sword Dance to Viennese Opera, from Indian Bollywood to Chinese Acrobats, from Japanese Taiko to Canadian Jazz & the options go on & on, from Foods, Theatre, Dance, Music, Acrobats, Art, Story Telling & more, all that is Culture from all the World, we even have a Penguin Performance from Antarctica! Multi-Cultural Crossovers & Cultural Fusions & Performers on all levels from International Superstars to Talented Community performers, all of which are available on demand. 


Our knowledge & understanding of the Cultural Performances is second to none, understanding the Culture is also key to providing the right emotion for the presentation of the act.  


“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots...”


Yannis creates the movement of life, with the Worlds best choreographers who have created for Madonna, Ricky Martin, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, the Bolshoi Ballet & more, we have the tools to create dance elements never before seen. The music running through our veins is our guide to creation.

Yannis has a vast array of  Internationally recognized Dancers, Troupes & Groups, along with a number of top Agencies that cover all genres of Dance. Whether its Stomp or Tap Dogs, Flamenco or Tango, Ballet or Contemporary, Creative or Theatre, Ethnic, Period or Cultural, all are available for whatever is needed.


“Music is Life, Let the music move you....”



Yannis establishment in the Middle East has resulted in an age of education & understanding for the production team. Discovering the magic of the past from the Mysterious & Poetic people of the desert which is intertwined with the Adventurous & Imaginative spirit of the people of the sea. The understanding of this Heritage & the Religion of Islam has led to a stunning creative creation through performance, this has been experienced in Film, Theatre, Music, Poetry & Art.

Providing a modern presentation & understanding to blend with the traditional feel, working with playwrites, poets, artists, musicians, actors & directors to truly discover amazing performance which speaks for itself, from Qatar to Kuwait, Dubai to Abu Dhabi, Jordan to Lebanon, Oman to Syria & beyond the magic of Heritage crosses boundaries, religions & nationalities, art through performance - Pure Heritage.


“Heritage provides an olive branch of understanding through performance & art...”



Yannis has a long & strong connection to Models, Yannis Michalandos is the son of One of the most Famous Fashion Journalist responsible for initiating Elle Macpherson’s career, many years spent as a Fashion Photographer & a Talent Scout was the basis within the Model Industry, add to this Yannis’s current position as Italian Fashions creative solution to create the difference & the fact that the Italian office is a Fashion based company.

Yannis has been surrounded by the Fashion Industry  since its beginning & in turn models along with continuous work in the Industry, Yannis has access to all levels of Models from Supermodels, Catwalk Models, Bikini & Lingerie Models, etc  Yannis works with all major agencies around the World & is still involved in discovering Talent the world over.

“Beauty can cross cultures & religions but only through understanding & respecting the eye of the beholder....”



Yannis feels the rhythm within his veins, the music created by our artists is the soul of our productions. Our combination of International Stars, famous session bands & amazing talent is our key to success. Yannis has access to any Genre of Musician through our Unique Network, the boundaries are limitless as with the levels, an inner core of Musical Composers, Producers & Creators allow us to achieve all of our Musical Needs for all area’s. Our Talent Development discovers & guides Musicians & provides them with opportunities they would normally never have, bringing the Talent to the big stage. Explore the rhythm of your soul....

"Without Music Life Would Be A Mistake....."



Yannis has Unique relationships with Artists, Agencies, Management & Recording Companies throughout the World. These relationships allow us access to any Singer in the world today from Internationally reknowned superstars, national icons & unknown talents. With our  own in-house relationships we also find & develop new talent & secure recording contracts. The development of new talent is included in our outreach program which allows us to recognize & promote  talent providing opportunities to show their talent on world stages.  Generally due to our reputation, the above mentioned relationship allows us to acquire the Singers in special conditions, not to mention our access to artists through our workings with One Organisation, Mandela Foundation & many more unique access points. Finally we are often contracted to create record launches, international Tour Concepts/Shows  & make Video Clips for many of these artists.

"A Song is able to place words in a person's soul...." 


Yannis & Sport is a spirit within - connections and positioning in the World, allow us to meet and work with amazing people, who inspire and  take our breathe away. In a unique relationship where we work together with these heroes, idols and celebrities. Whether it is providing sportsmen to teams through our partnership, media campaigns or special appearances as Guests of Honour, Spokespeople, Product Campaigns, TV Commercials, Endorsements and more. Our interest with Sports People aims to provide the client with more than just a recognizeable face. If in life you make a difference to just One person, you have  succeeded for Humanity.......

"Sports transcends race, religion, age & nationality......" 




Creation of the Stage on which we perform - connections and positioning in the World, allow us to meet and work with amazing people, who inspire and  take our breathe away. Over the years we have worked with amazing talent in the various fields from pure stage design, to incredible film & TV Sets, to Corporate Exhibitions, to concert stages to amazing mobile decoration installations that are automated & performance active. The results are breathtaking transporting the viewer whether live or on TV into the essence of the environment that our minds have created.... 

"The backdrop creates the environment in which we perform...."






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